welcome to grow & glow!

Hey! I am Andele Lara—a creative entrepreneur. My love for all things media and beauty sparked my interest in becoming a social media influencer attracting brand partnerships and viewers alike. I have worked with brands such as Alexander Wang, Baker Design Group, Bleuribbon Hair, and Whitney Marie Hair. I have blended my passion for personal growth, fashion, beauty and wellness into an authentic mission to empower millennial women to dream big while nurturing their own self-love/care, confidence and beauty.




I live in Massachusetts – born and raised in Boston. Home of the Red Sox, Celtics and of course the Patriots. The Champs are here! I love to spend summer days diving into small “mom & pop” restaurants like Yankee Lobster, walking around in the public garden or brunching with the girls.


I am fluent in Haitian Creole – my parents were born in Haiti. We are from Les Kayes. When we visit home, we’re either eating grilled seafood or hanging out under the mango tree or on the beach. Contrary to what the media portrays, Haiti is a place of peace, resilience and love. My people have such a beautiful culture. Ayiti Lakay!


I’ve never had a career of being a “Rihanna Look Alike” – Yes, there is a little resemblance to Rihanna but NO; I am NOT a Rihanna lookalike. During an interview in 2014 I mentioned I would consider being a lookalike. This set off an online firestorm and I received hundreds of hate mail and negativity. Oh to be young and naive.  We all make mistakes right? Little did I know, this moment of confusion and anxiety would force me to seek love from within, find my inner voice and GLOW.  


I was a Cheerleader + played Varsity Basketball – During my high school years, you could find me on the court hitting 3 point shots! Okay, that’s a lie. I shot many 3’s but not many of them made it in. After our women’s games, I would shower and switch into my cheerleading uniform to cheer on the men’s team. Go Dragons!


I cannot swim – when I was 11, I swore my mom sent me to camp to drown. I hated everything about the pool. These days you can find me laying by the water or in waist deep because I'm petrified of my feet not touching the ground! Learning to swim is one of my life goals - stay tuned for an update!


I love plantains – Nothing like fresh fried plantains to accompany a plate of grilled seafood. My mom is the best cook and I grew up on plantains, legume and many other Haitian delicacies.