You got the juice + the cheese

I’ve been playing tricks on my mind for years now.  

Yes, I know this sounds extremely daunting, wild, and slightly crazy. You are probably confused. I get it but this simple trick works every time. 

I set a mind trap.

I mold the cheese and position it exactly where I want it. I am patient enough to wait for the mouse to analyze, assess and pounce all over the glorious cheese and devour the entire block without leaving a crumb.

I am constantly feeding my subconscious mind new information from personal development books, self-help books and articles (cheese) that I know will manifest positive experiences throughout my life. I know my mind (mouse) has absorbed the information I've planted when I feel a shift in my mindset and witness manifestations of my ideas. It is the reason I’ve nearly doubled my income in my full time job in less than 6 months.

Did I mention my trick works every time?

Your mind is a muscle. What you say, think and devour effect how you perceive people, situation and life. When you mold the food you are feeding your mind, you can shape your life to work for you and not against you. 

They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”….

 it’s a good thing you are'nt a dog, right?

Andele Lara3 Comments