Schedule your Excellence

People think I woke up like this.

They think that who I am today didn’t come from the nights I couldn’t keep my pillows dry.

I remember those dreadful mornings driving down interstate 24 with pain in my heart, a burning desire to be better and not knowing how to change.

I was tired of feeling incomplete.

I was tired of letting life pass me by.

I was tired of trying to accelerate life rather than living in the moment.

I lived a half-interested, half-engaged life suffering the fate and misery of whatever life had thrown at me.

It was as if I was living an outer-body-experience.

I was numb.

Imagine all the moments I missed. The sunsets, the flowers changing, the birds swaddling in the park, couples dancing in the rain.

I had enough of crying myself a river so I built a bridge.

I scheduled my excellence.

I had a burning desire in my heart to feel again. I wanted to be alive.

I wanted to experience all the passion, love, joy and satisfactions of a truly fulfilling life.

When was the last time you asked yourself “What can I do to make me better?”

Do you know what you want out of today?


Next week?

Next month?

Next year?

Scheduling excellence is an art.

It requires you to commit to loving yourself enough to draw out a plan and do all that is required of you to reach sucess despite opposition, risk of losing and the uncertainty of the future.

You may fail, so what?

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

Take control of you life and schedule your excellence.

You'll need direction, a goal, and to know where you want to go.

You'll need to make time for the things you want to achieve in life.

You'll need to believe that you can and will reach your excellence.


I believe you can.


If you aren’t scheduling your excellence, how else will you succeed?


Andele Lara1 Comment