Change is inevitable

I've spent many years of my life as an antelope running from the lion of change.

I ran from change like it was "the cooties" that I surely didn't want to catch!

Over time I've come to realize that change is inevitable.

A flower changes from seed to full bloom as it radiates beautiful hues of the rainbow, all while serving its life purpose.

A caterpillar lives its life eating leaves on land before forming a cocoon and emerginginto adulthood as a beautiful butterfly.

These beautiful moments in life remind us that change happens when you flow with the universe.


"Change is inevitable, why hold onto something you have to let go of?" - Jhene Aiko

Who do you see yourself changing into? 

What does she look like?

What does she do?

What attitude does she have towards life?

Are you giving yourself the freedom to change into the Ulysses butterfly that I know you are?


Being comfortable and stuck in your routine is easy because it allows you to feel like you have control over your life.

The best version of you does not live in her comfort zone.

She comes alive in the moments that you are free from fear and open to the changes that the universe offers you.

She is apart of every single breath you take outside of your comfort zone.

She is within you.

She is waiting for you to give her permission to surface from your subconscious and grow with you.

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Keeping working on you and allowing yourself to be fearless.

Give yourself permission to accept change.

Love on yourself and take action.

Believe in yourself enough to spark the change you wish to see in yourself.

I see the beauty of change within you, I believe in you.


“There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly” – R.Buckminster Fuller

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