Glowing Vibes

I am so excited to bring you, Glowing Vibes, a new addition to the Grow & Glow platform which showcases empowering songs from artists who drill positive messages and vibes into the mind through music.

Music is a vibration that affects us subconsciously and meets us deeper than we can imagine.

Take a look at my post,  “Music Makes Me Lose Control”, where I talk more about how listening to certain songs can change your mood, uplift your confidence and even heal your heart. 


I’ll jump right in and share a few of my favorite songs that help remind us women not only of our worth, but how we're making a killing in life by staying true to ourselves and our values!


Here is the Glowing Vibes playlist!
(In no particular order)

Beyoncé: Schoolin’ Life

Alessia Cara: Scars to your Beautiful

Alessia Cara: My Song

Destiny’s Child: Survivor

Beyoncé: Run the World

Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire

Lauryn Hill: Doo Wop (That Thing)

Christina Aguilera: Beautiful

Aaliyah: At Your Best

I sing a few these songs in morning not only because I sound like Beyonce in the shower  haha but more importantly songs are form of affirmation!


You can sing them in the shower like me or vibe out on your way to work. This is a quick and easy way to exude the art of self-love while feeding your mind positive thoughts through music.

As long as you constantly feed your mind positive thoughts, you will continue to attractpositive experiences and manifest your destined reality!

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