Summer Glow

I generally stick with liquid/powder foundations but because Anastasia’s Dip-brow has yet to let me down I figured, why not give Anastasia's foundation stick a shot?  Great. Great. Great Foundation! I purchased my sticks at Ulta Beauty for $25 but it is available at Sephora.

I don’t know if it’s just me but deciding on a new foundation shade always throws me off. I find myself staring at the beautifully lit Anastasia Foundation stick section for over 30 minutes. After the looong deliberation I figured I would try out both shades Almond and Golden. I have to tell you that leaving Ulta with both shades was not in my plan.  #GirlProblems.

I went with “Golden” as my overall shade and “Almond” for my contour. Golden matches my skin PERFECTLY, it is light weight and cools down my skin tone allowing a flawless finish. I typically throw blush on my cheek bones and call it a contour aka I barely contour but Almond is just right. I've tried applying shades that are much darker than my skin tone to achieve a contoured look it does not compliment my facial structure.

I stick to what works best for me. #PunIntended

I have oily-skin and this foundation does not slide! I set it with my Laura Mercier Translucent powder, of course, and I get over a 10-hour wear. To put it in perspective it is summer time in Boston and with the temperature rising above 80 degrees my flawless beat is on for the day and doesn’t budge! I still need to occasionally blot it but it doesn’t crease and looks as effortless as when I first applied.

This foundation stick comes in a twist tube labeled with Anastasia logo on the top and the shade of your choice at the bottom --- its super easy to be sure you have the correct shade. I apply about 4 stripes to each side of my face, 3 horizontal on my forehead (Big forehead gyal) and a few around my chin area. After trial and error I find that I prefer to blend it in with a foundation brush vs the beauty blender. When I tried it with a beauty blender it didn’t blend as well and left my face super patchy. It does dry out pretty fast so once you’ve applied your desired amount begin blending it in with your foundation brush, ASAP!

I have been receiving a lot more compliments since the switch to the foundation stick. What girl doesn't love compliments? My friends and family love this foundation on me; I love this foundation on me! I'm serving that Beyonce pregnant with twins glow.  I don’t think any other foundation stick is beating the love I have for Anastasia's Foundation stick right now.  



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