Every glowing girls secret weapon!


Red is equal to royalty, richness and rarity. It is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action! #GirlBOSS. A true beauty classic is without surprises, reliable and warms your heart.

With a golden reputation it is no surprise that I've coined this lipstick a secret weapon every woman should have to help amp up her style quotient!

MAC Ruby Woo is my favorite lipstick! It compliments all skin tones because of its blue tone which balance the reds in cool skin tones while flattering the yellow and olive in warm complexions. MAC's matte lipstick formulation is spot-on. They don't dry out my lips or settle in the lines. Instead, they're creamy while still being matte, and the scent is amazing. Did I forget to mention it lasts ALL DAY? (P.s. I recommend moisturizing your lips before applying this long lasting lipstick.

It is the perfect pop to every outfit whether you are grabbing lunch with the girls or on a hot date with your boo. For the days I wear all black; I love to line my lips with a deep plum lip liner and then apply Ruby woo to the center for a bold, empowering and sexy look.

Listen ladies, it was love at first sight.  If this isn't in your purse already head to Mac and pick up your classic Ruby woo lippie for $17.