Grow and Glow is my life story. It is our life stories. It speaks to the millennial woman who is constantly fighting with time and multi-tasking, battling with her insecurities and anxiety, all while trying to grasp what life means to her and how she fits into this universe. It represents the metamorphosis process of a flower. We ask ourselves “At what stage in a flower’s life from seed to full bloom does it reach perfection?” Now ask yourself “At what stage of your life from pre-birth until now have you reached perfection?”..... You were born perfect.

You ALWAYS have the “juice”.


it starts with self-love. 

As I begin to walk in my purpose I hope to help you find peace within yourself. Through a holistic approach to self-care, love and wellness, I hope to ignite a change in the lives of those seeking to grow and glow. Loving on yourself forces you to take risks, spark change and manifest your destined reality. It’s okay to fearlessly be you and to fall so in love with yourself that you are able to share your light with the world. Ladies, the glow doesn’t stop with you;

Sprinkle your Glow wherever you go…..

Andele Lara